Is all-inclusive in the Maldives worth it?

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Are all-inclusives right for you? Before we get into the pros and cons, let’s start by saying that all-inclusive resorts aren’t always right for everyone. If you’re someone who likes to cook your own food, go out on your own to explore new places or try local restaurants, then an all-inclusive resort is not for you. However, if you enjoy having everything done for you so that you can relax and enjoy some cocktails by the pool, then an all-inclusive resort in the Maldives might just be perfect for you!  

Here are Some Things to do in Maldives 

1. You like doing activities while on vacation 

When you stay at a non-all-inclusive resort in the Maldives, there are all sorts of activities that you can do during your downtime. You could go snorkelling, visit other islands or simply relax by the poolside. There’s no shortage of things to do while staying in a non-all inclusive resort! If you’re someone who likes being active while travelling, then an all-inclusive resort is not for you since it does not offer much in terms of options outside its complex. You’ll need to bring along your own snorkeling equipment and maybe even an underwater camera if you want to get some pictures while exploring under the sea. 

2. You like going out for drinks 

While most resorts in the Maldives have a bar on site, it’s not quite the same as being able to order drinks at your pool or beachside. All-inclusive resorts can’t be beat when it comes to enjoying drinks outside of your room since everything is included! However, this isn’t something that everyone needs. If you’re someone who simply enjoys an afternoon cocktail while sunbathing by the pool, then all-inclusives are perfect for you! 

3. You want maximum relaxation time 

If you’re someone who’s looking for maximum relaxation time during your vacation, then all-inclusives are perfect foe you! Many people go on vacation with no set plan and simply enjoy doing absolutely nothing for a few days. That’s exactly what you can expect when staying at a resort in the Maldives, an island where doing absolutely nothing is considered ‘fun’! 

Pros and Cons 

1. It’s an easy and convenient way to stay on budget 

All-inclusive resorts offer one fixed price for everything: accommodation, food and drinks (there may be some exceptions). This ensures that you don’t spend too much money without knowing it and that you won’t miss out on anything during your vacation. 

2. You can stay as active or inactive as you like 

If you’re someone who likes staying active while travelling, then all-inclusive resorts are great for this! There’s no need to worry about getting bored since there’s plenty of things to do on the island. However, if you prefer to relax by the pool and catch some sun, then an all-inclusive resort is perfect for this as well. No matter what type of traveller you are, an all-inclusive has something for everyone! 

3. It’s a great option for families with kids 

Kids love being able to order what they want to eat and drink whenever they please. It’s also a great option for parents who’d like their children to be able to explore the resort’s facilities without worrying that there might not be anything for them to do. 

4. You can’t leave until you finish your meal! 

When staying at an all-inclusive, it doesn’t matter if you’re full or not; you can never leave until you finish everything on your plate. This may seem like a pro only because free food is involved but believe us when we say that it can get quite annoying after a while since you’ll feel obligated to eat something even if you’re simply not hungry. 

If you’re looking for a place to spend your next vacation, the Maldives may be just what you’re after. The beaches are pristine and there’s plenty of activities on land. But is it worth going all-inclusive? Here are some things to do in the Maldives before making that decision if you insist on staying at an all-inclusive resort. We can help answer any questions about booking flights or finding accommodations too! 

Who is Fun Island Maldives?  

Fun Island Maldives focuses on traveling the world and experiencing everything there is to know about The Maldives,  a picture-perfect archipelago situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and home to 1,190+ tiny coral islands! This amazing country is famous for the beauty it possesses and is celebrated as one of the best travel destinations in the world. For first-timers, traveling to the country will be very exciting but at the same time, there is so much more to look forward to and understand beyond the exotic lifestyles. 

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