Is the Maldives less expensive than Bali?

The Maldives is a beautiful country in the Indian Ocean which many people choose to visit on their vacations. However, there are some who might question if it is less expensive than Bali? This article will compare and contrast the cost of living and budget travel in these two countries so that you can decide for yourself! 

 9 Things that we think should be on your list if you’re traveling in these two destinations. 

1. Take a boat tour of the islands and lagoons 

2. Relax on one (or more) of over 120 sandy beaches 

3. Dine at one of many chic restaurants in Malé, Bali’s capital city or explore the island’s local cuisine ̶ there are plenty that offer vegetarian dishes for those who don’t eat meat. Vegan food has been popping up too! If you’re looking specifically for vegan meals try Warung Sari Ayu which hosts nightly cooking classes with Chef Indriani, an award winning chef from Jakarta. We recommend trying this restaurant if you have time to do so since it’s just 30 minutes by motorbike away from Kuta Beach where everyone hangs out during the day. 

4. For those who are looking for a little more adventure, take the ATV safari into mangrove forests or explore Ubud’s rice fields and temples. 

5. Visit one of many exciting waterparks like Aquaventure in Dubai which has some of the world’s tallest waterslides! 

6. The Maldives is located to the south west of India with about 200 tropical islands made up from coral reefs ̶ it’ll be hard not to find your perfect spot here if you’re seeking peaceful seclusion away from tourists and crowds. You can travel between these islands by boat, seaplane (the fastest way) or ferry depending on where you want go. Bali offers something different ̶ there are plenty of modern amenities for those who want to experience the island’s culture, as well as beaches and waterparks. 

7. Volunteering: you can help out with conservation efforts at Turtle Village in Bali or by teaching English at a local school ̶ it’ll be rewarding while giving back to these communities! 

8. Boracay is another island that has something different than what we’ve mentioned so far. For one thing, this tropical paradise offers opportunities for surfing during the dry season (November – April) which starts after northeast monsoon winds have passed through around October of each year. This will give surfers an opportunity to take on waves without dealing with swells from southwest Pacific storms. When visiting Boracay make sure you visit White Beach and try out the island’s famous banana pancake. 

9. Take a cooking class: if you’re looking for some new culinary tips, there are plenty of classes available at restaurants and hotels throughout Bali ̶ from French to Italian cuisine. 

The Maldives and Bali are both incredibly beautiful destinations, but they also have a range of prices. If you’re looking for the best deal on accommodations or flights, it’s worth researching which destination will work best with your budget. We hope this post helped to answer some questions about these two tropical islands! Stay healthy while you travel by thinking ahead to what kind of activities might be available in each location – especially if there are any known health risks like malaria that need attention.  

Who is Fun Island Maldives?  

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