Why do the beaches of the Maldives shine at night?

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Have you ever seen a photo of the Maldives and been blown away by how bright the beaches look at night? Well, there’s a good reason for that – the sand is made from crushed up seashells! Tiny pieces of sea shell are everywhere on the beach, which makes them shiny in the moonlight. It’s pretty amazing to think about how something as small as a seashell can create such a beautiful sight. If you’re ever lucky enough to visit the Maldives yourself, make sure to take a stroll on the beach at night and enjoy the dazzling view! 

What causes the Beaches of the Maldives to Light up at Night? 

The beautiful beaches of the Maldives are a sight to behold, especially when they’re lit up by moonlight. However, did you know that these beaches also shine brightly during the day? The shining sands on some parts of these islands are composed mostly of calcium carbonate (a combination of coral skeleton and guano). Sunlight reacts with this compound to produce an eerie glow. This is why there’s one particular theory which suggests that it might be algae or plankton inside the water that emits bioluminescent light at night! Although this seems like a likely explanation, scientists think otherwise. Since it has been observed in several areas near the beach, the most plausible, and the popular theory is that it has something to do with phytoplankton. 

Phytoplankton are tiny organisms that drift around in the water. When they are disturbed, they give off a brief but brilliant flash of blue light! Although these little guys can be found everywhere near the beach, they are particularly common in areas where excess fertilizers have been dumped into the sea. Even though this phenomenon is still not fully understood by science, one thing’s for sure—it looks absolutely stunning! This natural wonder occurs only rarely since it requires ideal conditions for it to occur. These include windless nights which allow village elders to scoop up handfuls of glowing sand and take them home as gifts! 

It’s Night time in Maldives, What are you going to do?  

Swimming at night is a great way to cool off and get some exercise while having fun! The ocean is warm enough at any hour of the day for swimming. You can also take an inflatable raft out to see the beautiful coral reef that surrounds this tropical paradise or try snorkeling with fish and turtles! 

 If you’re looking for something more social than just hanging out on the beach, take your family or friends on a boat cruise around Male City’s waterfront before heading back to your resort hotel bar for dinner and drinks with live music. It will be like no other experience you’ve had before! 

Maldivian Sunset Cruise- Picture of the Maldivian sunset cruise we took with our family when in  Male, Maldives. We boarded a boat that took us to several islands where there were resorts and restaurants on them as well as floating tents for people who wanted to swim or relax by their private pool at their own island resort. On each stop, everyone from children to teens to adults got into the water and went snorkeling! It was an amazing experience because I’ve never been surrounded by so many sharks before! The tour guide fed bread crumbs under the water which attracted lots of different kinds of fish including yellow tail barracuda (which are very tasty), but also huge tiger sharks! After swimming in all directions around us, the sharks started circling our boat and we all got out to take pictures of them! 

The beaches of the Maldives are a sight to behold. Whether you visit during daytime or nighttime, they’re an experience that will stay with you long after your vacation is over. Part of what makes these beaches so magical at night is their ability to light up in different colors depending on which resort and island it belongs to. In order for this effect to work properly, many resorts have invested in LED lights installed under the sand near the shoreline. These innovative features allow visitors from all around the world see just how special our islands really are! If you want more information about staying at any one of our award-winning hotels and experiencing this awe-inspiring spectacle first hand, don’t hesitate to call us today! 

Who is Fun Island Maldives?  

Fun Island Maldives focuses on traveling the world and experiencing everything there is to know about The Maldives,  a picture-perfect archipelago situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and home to 1,190+ tiny coral islands! This amazing country is famous for the beauty it possesses and is celebrated as one of the best travel destinations in the world. For first-timers, traveling to the country will be very exciting but at the same time, there is so much more to look forward to and understand beyond the exotic lifestyles. 

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