Why is the Maldives’ sea water blue?

Fun Island Maldives focuses on traveling the world and experiencing everything there is to know about The Maldives

Have you ever wondered why the Maldives’ sea water is blue? It’s because of the unique coral reef that surrounds the islands. The reefs are made up of billions of tiny animals called coral polyps. These creatures use their stinging tentacles to capture plankton and other food particles from the water. As they eat, they release a natural sunscreen that makes the surrounding water blue. So next time you’re in the Maldives, be sure to take a swim and enjoy the incredible view! 

Why is the Maldives’ sea water blue? 

The Maldives are a chain of atolls located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. They are composed entirely of coral reefs and have no connection to the open ocean. Because they have no outlet to the open ocean, water does not move through them very fast. The sun’s energy heats up shallow areas around the reef, turning them into virtual greenhouses where algae can grow with surprising speed. This growth produces many light-reflecting particles that give the water its spectacularly clear color. 

As you might expect, this same process doesn’t produce clean water on a large scale–algal blooms can lead to eutrophication (the overabundance of nutrients like nitrogen and) which has many negative effects. These negative effects include decreased dissolved oxygen levels, which leads to fish suffocating. Eutrophication also produces algal blooms and dead zones, which can be attributed to blue-green algae producing toxins that harm the marine ecosystem. However eutrophication is not a problem in these small areas because reef waters don’t receive enough nutrients to cause large-scale problems. 

Are There Other Places where we Find Really Clear Water? 

Clear water isn’t just found in tropical coral reefs–for instance: There’s the famous skylight shafts of Carlsbad Caverns National Park; some lakes like Crater Lake (Oregon) and Blue holes (tropical regions); glacial meltwater; and deep ocean water. However, clear oceans are most commonly found in tropical areas because the water is generally warm, has low salinity (no salts were added by glacial melting), and lots of light can penetrate to the bottom. 

Different Types of water in this Tropical Paradise 

1.Salt water- This type of ocean is usually found in shallow areas near land masses where rivers flow into the sea or when oceans evaporate over time.  

 2. Marine water- These are saltier than saltwater because they come from deeper in the ocean and have more nutrients for marine life to grow on which makes them teal or greenish-blue colors depending on their depth.  

3. Freshwater- The color of freshwater like lakes, rivers and ponds is usually clear because the water lacks many organic materials found in saltwater.  

4. Tea or coffee colored- When you mix dark or light leaves with fresh water, the water becomes a brownish-red color which is why people make tea and coffee this way. 

5. Black Water- These are all of the rivers, streams and creeks that run through rain forests, swamps and jungles. This type of water is very dark blue or black because there aren’t any plants to use photosynthesis to produce oxygen so all the life just dies off which makes these waterways lifeless. 

Why is the Maldives’ sea water blue?  The waters of this tropical paradise are a deep, rich blue because there’s no land to block out light from the sun. With little or no red sediment in their soil and plenty of fresh rainwater running down hillsides to feed them, rivers flow through these islands with crystal clarity. And it’s not just the river beds that reflect off into the ocean – palm trees too have been found to feature an extra-reflective white bark which bounces more sunlight back up towards us on Earth! If you’re looking for your own slice of heaven here on earth then take a look at our luxury resorts where we let nature do its thing uninterrupted by modern buildings and roads. 

Who is Fun Island Maldives?  

Fun Island Maldives focuses on traveling the world and experiencing everything there is to know about The Maldives,  a picture-perfect archipelago situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and home to 1,190+ tiny coral islands! This amazing country is famous for the beauty it possesses and is celebrated as one of the best travel destinations in the world. For first-timers, traveling to the country will be very exciting but at the same time, there is so much more to look forward to and understand beyond the exotic lifestyles. 

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