When should you stay away from the Maldives?

Fun Island Maldives focuses on traveling the world and experiencing everything there is to know about The Maldives

The Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean. Because of its tropical location, it’s a popular destination for tourists looking to relax on white sand beaches and enjoy scenic views. However, not every spot in the Maldives offers such idyllic surroundings.The Maldives is known as a vacation paradise because of its beautiful scenery and sunny weather year-round. However, not all locations in this country offer equally picturesque views or sunbathing opportunities. If you’re planning your trip here soon, keep reading to discover which destinations you should avoid at all costs. 

Reasons not to Visit the Maldives 

The sand contains crushed shells which can be very irritating if they get into your eyes  

Due to human activity, there are only five of the 112 native species still alive today. 

 Many resorts offer all-inclusive packages which mean an expensive price tag once you arrive 

You’re forced to wear wet suits or long pants even though its 30 degrees Celsius outside due to Sharia law 

.If you have food allergies you’ll be hard-pressed to find any food that is safe for you due to the limited variety 

There are no land animals on any island- The Maldives is a place where people usually go to relax and enjoy the sun, but there’s more to this tiny island than meets the eye. The islands of this country are made up entirely of coral formations and as such, they don’t have any land animals larger than insects.  

This means that if you ever find yourself on one of these islands, you’ll be able to explore without having to worry about stepping in dog poo or coming face-to-face with a spider bigger than your hand.  

There are no ATMs, pharmacies, or grocery stores on the islands- The Maldives are a collection of 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean with an average elevation of just under two meters above sea level. With no grocery stores or ATMs on the island and expensive flights to get there, it is difficult for those who live here to make ends meet. The country has been working hard since 2008 to develop its infrastructure and bring much needed services to the people living here. However, this work is slow going due to a lack of funding from foreign aid organizations as well as their own government’s inability to allocate funds properly. 

 You can only visit if it’s a full moon- There are some places that you can only visit if it’s a full moon. The Maldives is one of them! I am sure that most people have heard about this island nation, but do they know what makes it so special? It has clear waters and white sand beaches giving the place an almost surreal look, but there is more to discover in these islands than meets the eye. 

 If there are strong winds your flight could be delayed up to 48 hours- If you are boarding a plane at the airport, it is important to know what to do in case of strong winds. If there is an unexpected delay due to high wind speeds, your flight could be delayed up to 48 hours! You may want to bring some extra items with you for any delays that occur while waiting out the storm. 

The Maldives has many beautiful aquatic environments, but the country is also in danger. Tourism to this area should be limited so that it can remain a pristine paradise for generations to come. If you still want to visit the islands and enjoy some of their wonders without putting too much stress on them or harming their beauty, contact us at [insert company name] today! We have trips planned all year long with great rates and opportunities for travelers from any budget. 

Who is Fun Island Maldives?  

Fun Island Maldives focuses on traveling the world and experiencing everything there is to know about The Maldives,  a picture-perfect archipelago situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean and home to 1,190+ tiny coral islands! This amazing country is famous for the beauty it possesses and is celebrated as one of the best travel destinations in the world. For first-timers, traveling to the country will be very exciting but at the same time, there is so much more to look forward to and understand beyond the exotic lifestyles. 

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